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UFR Turnament in Mińsk - Poland

On 12 January 2019 in Mińska Mazowiecki - Poland took place Polish Championships of UFR organisation. KyodoKyokushin team under supervision of Sensei Dariusz Wójcicki (IBU Dojo Operator) Got 5 medals (2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze). Congratulations.


International Budokai Union KyodoKyokushin

Meeting in Honbu.

on 12 January 2019 Kancho Maciej Misiak met with Sensei Jacek Szynański in case of cooperation and develop in Poland. Kancho also leaded short seminar for his students.


International Budokai Union KyodoKyokushin

IBU India winter camp.

From 5 to 7 January 2019 in India took place KyodoKyokushin winter camp. Main instructor was Shihan Basudev Mukherjee (Branch Chief IBU).


International Budokai Union KyodoKyokushin

Uzbekistan in KyodoKyokushin.

We are very happy to inform that Sensei Sardor Qodirov 1 Dan from Uzbekistan joined IBU KyodoKyokushin Organisation. Sensei lead dojo in Taskient. He became official Representative of KyodoKyokushin in his country. Welcome Sensei and we wish You all the best on our KyodoKyokushin way.


International Budokai Union KyodoKyokushin

I Black belts meeting in Philippines.

On 6 January 2019 in Philippines took place 1 st black belt members meeting under supervision of Shihan Restituto Sumarago (Branch Chief IBU).


International Budokai Union KyodoKyokushin

New Dojo Operator in Poland - Mińsk Mazowiecki.

We are very happy to inform that Sensei Dariusz Wójcicki 4 Dan from Poland joined IBU KyodoKyokushin organisation. Sensei lead Dojo in Mińsk Mazowiecki. He became official Dojo Operator in our Organisation. Welcome Sensei and we wish You all the best on our KyodoKyokushin way.


International Budokai Union KyodoKyokushin

Honbu Kagami Biraki.

On 4 th January 2019 in Honbu Dojo of IBU KyodoKyokushin Organisation in Poland took place traditional Kagami Biraki (New Year training). Main instructor was Kancho Maciej Misiak.


International Budokai Union KyodoKyokushin

Resignation from Black Dragon Kokuryukai.

I want to announce that on 4 January 2019 I made official resignation from Honorary Director function in Kokuryukai Black Dragon Association. Kaicho Tom Foley is my friend and can always count on me but I can not be part of this organisation anymore. I would like to also announce that I will never accept any Dan grade from any organisation. I have Kancho tittle and this function give me highest position in IBU. Dan grades are not nessesery for me.

Kancho Maciej Misiak

Kagami Biraki India.

1 st January 2019 Kagami Biraki in Kolkata - India. Main instructor Shihan Basudev Mukherjee (Branch Chief IBU).


International Budokai Union KyodoKyokushin

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