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KyodoKyokushin Seminar in Kaliningrad.

From 2 to 4 June 2018 in Kaliningrad - Russia took place KyodoKyokushin seminar with Kancho Maciej Misiak. Main organiser of the event was Sensei Victor Raldugin (Branch Chief IBU).


Durring this visit Kancho leaded several training sessions in case of prepering fighters to World Cup in Kazakhstan. There were also Kyu exam. On second day Shihan Juriy Zemskoff (IBU Country Coordinator) visited Kaliningrad and took part in the event. On the meeting Durring Sayonara Party Shihan Juriy, Kancho and Sensei Victor made plans of develop KyodoKyokushin in Russia. From now cooperation between Honbu and Russia will be more close and Kancho will visit this country several times a Year.


International Budokai Union KyodoKyokushin