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Hanshi Silvester - Chairmen advisor IBU

BU KyodoKyokushin Chairman Senior Advisor - Hanshi Sebastian Silvester Indonesia.

Most expirience person in our Organisation. Indonesia Branch Chief certyfied by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama. Hanshi became member of IBU Organisation Board and He will support us with his knowladge.
We would like introduce Hanshi. Everybody can read his biography which he have send to our Organisation General Secretary:


I was born at the end of October 1950, when I was a small child physically, thin and sickly, so often bullied and become a monthly playmate, no doubt since childhood I have a desire to be healthy, strong and mighty, for that I learned a variety of sports and martial arts, ranging from table tennis, badminton, swimming, athletics, volleyball. football and basketball, in 1964 studied Judo in the Dojo Judo Association for 1 year, in 1968 learned kung fu of the San Tung Suhu school Liu Han Jing (a legendary martial arts figure from Jogja, who was parallel to Suju Lao Jing Tie from Parakan, Suhu Jie Siauw Fu Semarang and Suhu Lo Ban Teng from Jakarta) at Tan Liong Swan's Temperature for 2 years, in 1970 studying continued learning at The Kim Han Temperature, Sa Ko (third brother) Hoo Hap Hwe for 3 years.

In the mid 60's, various fighting arts from Japan such as Judo, Jujitsu, Kempo and Karate entered Indonesia with students returning from learning from Japan, the city of Yogyakarta was also not spared from this trend, various Japanese fighting arts, especially Karate had sprung up in Yogyakarta, but at that time I was not at all interested in practicing! My acquaintance with Kyokushin Karate just happened one night in October 1973, when I was with some friends walking along Malioboro street, my eyes were drawn to a magnet, as soon as I saw a new student registration flag, with the Kanku and Kick logo Coaching Kyokushinkai karate mentality, ditokonya Sempai Agus Indrayana (deceased), may have become my karma with Kyokushin, without thinking I immediately signed up to be a student!

生 生 如 白 駒 過 溪 sh sh sh sh sh sh agai 溪 , and I believe that my presence in Kyokushin, will continue until the end!

Even though it has passed 36 years, but my memory from when I first entered the Dojo jl. The Yogyakarta Student Army was still so fresh, that afternoon when it was about to enter the Koni DIY Building, there were 2 young men dressed in parlente carrying Echolac bags, standing tall beside the entrance hall to the Dojo, because I didn't know them, I just walked in without saying hello. they are Shihan JB. Suyoto and Sensei Handy AP, that day there was a change of instructor from Shihan JB. Suyoto to Sensei Handy AP.

In 1982 I left the Kyokushinkai Karate Mental Development School, and helped Shihan JB. Suyoto founded and developed Kyokushin Karate Indonesia College, in March 2008 I left Kyokushin Karate Indonesia College, on July 12, 2008 in Kaliurang Yogyakarta, supported by Shihan Oei Kim Liong, Shihan Ong Hok Bie, Sempei Ignatius Haryoso, Sempei Anwar Priyadi, Sempei Gandi Ali Mardana , Sempei Anggoro Padmono, Sempei Gunawan Wibisono, Sempei Asep Sigit, Sempei Andri Sebastian, Sempei Hendrawan Kuswanto, Sempei Pomo Yomulyo, Sempei Catur Sulistyo, Sempei Supriyanto, Sempei Jonatan Aria Pradana, and Sempei Hendrawan Kuswanto, Sempei Pomo Yomulyo, Sempei Catur Sulistyo, Sempei Supriyanto, Sempei Jonatan Aria Pradana, and Sempei Ivan Soesei from Sempei, Sempei from Yogyakarta, Sempei Sempei from Sion, Sempei Ivan Sempei, Sempei from Yogyakarta, Lion Sempei Agung Purnama, Sempei Sonny The, and Sempei Eko from Bali, Sensei Liang To from Kutai Kertanegara, East Kalimantan, Sempei Surawan Budi Santosa from Riau New Week, Sensei Nelton, Sempei Fauzi and Sempei Rustam from Behind the East Kalimantan board, declare new universities: Akademi Surawan Budi Santosa, Kyokushin Indonesian fighting art!

After joining the Kyokushinkai Karate Mental Development School, like thirst and hunger I practiced and studied Kyokushin and health sciences, but my physical strength was not strong and I was still very sick! In 1988 I checked my health at Mangun Cipto Kusuma Hospital in Jakarta. It turned out that I had Toxo plasma gondii virus, in 1990 when I had a blood test at the Prodia Yogyakarta laboratory, I found another virus that was no less deadly to Hepatitis B, it was a miracle from God if someone who had it Two deadly viruses that can survive at the same time, I can only give thanks to Him!

After I was declared cured of 2 deadly viruses, I felt that by persisting in practicing Kyokushin Karate, my body would definitely become healthy and strong, but the reality that I received turned out to be the opposite! In 1990 maybe because of my age, my physical condition was getting worse, every time I invited Kihon, when it came to the kick session, it was felt that my stamina was not supportive, to finish Kihon, I had to grit my teeth! In 1993, I had another trial that was no less fatal than what I had experienced, my back nerve was squeezed in the third section under my spine, in addition to the pain that was always whacking, the pinched nerve was also related to my right leg, not to kick , to stand even one foot can not afford! For almost a year I sought healing through a doctor, physio therapy, masseur masseur, needling and so on, but the results were nil, in 1994 Shihan Ong Hok Bie gave me a copy of the Qi Gong science book from the Xiang 翔 uang 氣 perguruan He Xiang Zhuang College Qi Gong, when I saw the copy, I just remembered that in 1992, when my sister-in-law from Tiong Kok came to visit home, I was given souvenirs from the book Qi Gong, but at that time, the book was only read by me briefly , and because I was not interested, I kept the book in a closet! Maybe just arrived at the karma, the book I was looking for, and as soon as I read, immediately immediately hooked with the knowledge stored therein, by not knowing the day, every morning and evening I study the book, from theory of practice and contemplation, after going through the process of repetition. countless, eventually slowly but surely, I got enlightenment about the science of Qi Gong that had been wrapped up with myths and superstition! Likewise with my back pain, slowly I can finally control it!

久 病 成 名 醫 Jiu Bing Cheng Ming Yi, a person who has been ill for a long time, will be a good doctor to himself! I am also grateful, because of a weak and sickly body, I ended up instead having the mighty Kyokushin knowledge and the extraordinary Qi Gong Science, as a provision to navigate through life!

Fu 夫 不 負 有 心 人 Gong Fu Bu Fu You Xin Ren, Science has never disappointed anyone who has the will, for 36 years as a Shugosha (wandering warrior) on Karate Street, at first I didn't know what Kyokushin Karate was, I just I was told that Kyokushin Karate is an empty hand fighting technique with a full contact system, but I can feel that there is something very, very valuable behind Kyokushin fighting art!

Sosai Masutatsu Oyama in his book This is Karate says that Kyokushin Karate is Zen and Budo Karate! Armed with a hint of this clue I tried to assemble the puzzles scattered along the Way of Training, in the 1980s a continuous story of Kensei (sword god) Miyamoto Musashi, a legendary Japanese samurai who was born in 1584, was published sequentially in the Kompas Jakarta daily, in 1985 his book was published by Gramedia, inevitably the book became the main guide for me to learn the art of fighting, the book I have read more than dozens of times, every time I read again, I always find new things tucked, in reading the book Miyamoto Musashi , I try to understand the process experienced by Miyamoto Musashi, from a delinquent to a knight, the process of learning until the sword blends with him, the process from a slaying sword to a protective sword, but the picture of Zen and Budo is still very blurred!

In 1996 Senpai Peter Sindoro (living in Semarang), one of my students, gave me a book: Secrets of Musashi, a successful Japanese business, published by Sang Saka Gotra in 1984, the book whose paper had turned yellow, was accidentally discovered, upon seeing -see at the center of the flea book at the Yogyakarta Shoping Center, in the book, besides telling history also the book Go Rin no Sho Miyamoto Musashi, besides also talking about Bushido, Kendo, Zen and Budo, also Heiho's Miyamoto Musashi, for more than 10 years, I did what was taught by Miyamoto Musashi: read more than once, then I will find more things, like the thirst and hunger of the book I learned, my theory combines with practice, contemplation and try to understand about Zen and Budo, whether I have repeated this process several dozen times, I cannot remember it, it was only in October 2006 that I mended append awareness and enlightenment about Zen and Budo, that: Zen and Budo is a method of education, education that is Psycho motoric and Affective, which will form the character of a knight and prepare prospective leaders and entrepreneurs who are tough and noble souls, which are useful for homeland and nation!

After experiencing sorrow and feeling the bitterness of life in Jalan Karate, the puzzles I wrote in Kyokushin Book, this book contains the philosophy and philosophy of fighting art, fighting theory and techniques, also contains ways and strategies to prepare and make ourselves into Kyokushin, to make it easier to learn, my Kyokushin book is divided into 6 chapters, namely the Land Book, Water Book, Wind Book, Fire Book, Empty Book and I close with the Golden Book.